Mini Crown Cushion Stitching Kits

Mini Crown Cushions, kits, stitching, kids, royal, felt

Mini Crown Cushion Colours

Mini Crown Cushion stitching kits are a great addition to the Royalty and Castles issue of our Imagine. Make. Believe magazine.

  • Great gift for birthday or Christmas for nieces, nephews, school friends, grandchildren, own children, etc.
  • Cushion kits come in a choice of five colours:
    • Blue
    • Pink
    • Orange
    • Green
    • Purple
  • Colours may vary slightly to those pictured.
  • Finished size – 15 cm (6 inches).
  • Each kit contains all supplies to make one cushion:
    • Felt
    • Thread
    • Stuffing
    • Printed Templates
    • Needle
    • Instructions and diagrams
  • Scissors, pencil and pins are not included.  If you require pins you can purchase them in our shop.
  • Conveniently packaged in a box, makes them easy to wrap, stack, and keep all the contents together during the stitching process.
  • Allow 2 –  4 hours to make the cushion.
  • The kit is designed for children aged 7 and older.  It may be suitable for 5 and 6 year olds, depending on their ability and how much help they receive from an adult.  We have used simple stitches to keep the kit relatively easy for all levels of ability.
  • Not suitable for young children – small sharp parts.

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Mini Crown Cushion Kits, stitching, kids, royal, felt

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