How to Tie a Slip Knot

How to Tie a Slip Knot, knitting, crochet, knot tying, basics, craft, kids, tutorial,

Slip knots are useful knots that come in handy for starting off knitting and crochet.  They are sometimes used in other craft projects too, and we found we needed one to start off a spider’s web that we have instructions for in the Imagine. Make. Believe magazine – Issue 2 – Bugs more »

How to Make Less Mess With Glue

How to Make Less Mess With Glue - junkmail, glue, children, kids, craft, activities

Craft and art can be messy activities, especially with children involved! Mix that with glue, and you can be in for a real messy ‘treat’! There are a few simple tricks that can make crafting with glue less messy.  The type of glue used can cause more (or less) mess more »

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