Introducing the Imagine. Make. Believe Team!

So who are the faces behind the names at Imagine. Make. Believe?  We decided it was about time we introduced ourselves.  So here we are!

Imagine. Make. Believe Team, kid's magazine, craft, sewing, drama, cooking

The Imagine. Make. Believe Team
Craig, Janelle, Cris, JJ, Elissa, Annie and Daisy Couscous

There is a lot more information about us on the FAQ Page and there is a little bit on the About Page.

We will be in Toowoomba, South East Queensland, Australia at the Queens Park Market this Sunday 29th September.  It will be our magazine launch celebration!  We will be giving out goody bags with all sorts of freebies, have special offers for new subscribers to our digital magazine, and we’ll have kits and other items for sale.

You will have the opportunity to meet us all, so we’d love you to drop in and say ‘hi’!  Make sure you let us know you saw us here first!

For all our readers who can’t be a part of our launch celebrations, just sign up to our weekly newsletter which you can see in the sidebar on the right, so you don’t miss out on the special offers that we will have there.  Stay tuned for some exciting stuff in the week ahead!

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