Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas - Imagine. Make. Believe, stocking filler, stocking, stuffer, fillers gifts, trinkets, goodies, ideas

Christmas stockings!  It’s that time of year that we start thinking about Christmas stockings.  Do you put yours out on Christmas Eve, or do you hang them up for the whole Christmas season?  We are privileged to have some beautiful Christmas stockings made by the grandparents of the Imagine. Make. Believe children, so we usually hang ours up at the beginning of December, when we put up the Christmas tree and other decorations, so that we can enjoy them for a whole month.  Val Laird  and her secretly crafty husband (he’s done some amazing cross-stitches in the last decade or two), and Janelle have all contributed to these stockings in different ways, which makes them all the more special.

Christmas Stocking Felt Shapes, felt, Christmas trees, bells, stars

Christmas Stocking, felt, Jesus, Mary, Joseph, star

Christmas Stocking, felt, angel, cross-stitch, beads

Christmas Stocking, felt, dove, cross-stitch, tassle

Depending on the stocking, the cross-stitch and applique patterns were either designed by someone else (unfortunately we don’t remember the designer’s details as these were made years ago), or were patterns that inspired us to create what we have above.  We did blank out the beautifully embroidered names too, for privacy reasons.

So the next question is… what gifts do you put in your Christmas stockings?  If you are stuck for suggestions, we have one for you!  It’s our Imagine. Make. Believe children’s digital activity magazine and it is a great stocking stuffer idea.  Imagine. Make. Believe - Issue 1 - Royalty and Castles $5

A subscription for one year costs only AU$16!  That is four 70 page issues and there is no postage to pay!  When you purchase, we can either:

  1. Email you a gift subscription voucher/card, (offer valid any time) or
  2. Post you a gift subscription voucher/card, as well as a bonus Imagine. Make. Believe 2014 postcard calendar for free.  If you purchase a Christmas card with the subscription, we will post it to you for free too.  (This is a limited offer only available until the 12th December 2013 for the first 40 customers).  Please note:  in the instructions to the seller, please type in Postcard Offer so that we know you want this option, and supply us with your postal address.

Well that takes care of one idea, but that is not going to fill up the stocking! You may like to browse our online store for some more stocking stuffer ideas that make great gifts for children, or have a look at our Christmas stocking stuffer ideas list below!  We have 60 Christmas stocking gift suggestions, that include ideas for children and adults.

Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas - Imagine. Make. Believe, stocking filler, stocking, stuffer, fillers gifts, trinkets, goodies, ideas

What’s your favourite idea?  We think the mouse trap is bit funny, but it just might come in handy for someone!  Do you have any great Christmas stocking stuffer ideas?  Let us know in the comments below!

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