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Weekly Schedule, free, printable, children, activities, days, visual cue, chartDo you have a weekly schedule for yourself or your children?  If so, is it printed, digital or locked away in your brain?

During the last couple of weeks, a friend and I (Janelle) have been chatting about her young child who is now attending kindy at school a few days per week and how the child has been reluctant to get the uniform on.  We think that it would help if the child had a visual cue to know which days kindy are on, as well as other activities that happen during the week, so the child can see at a glance what day it is, and be prepared mentally by knowing what is coming the next day.

Weekly Schedule, Free, Children, activities, days, visual cue, chart

Of course, I said I would be happy to make up a chart for her, to help keep track of the days, and we couldn’t resist sharing it with you too!  We have designed the Weekly Schedule so that it can be printed and laminated and put on your fridge, or on the door or wall.  All you need to do is click on the Weekly Schedule button below, and:

  • Print it on two separate sheets of paper (it will fit perfectly on an A4 size sheet as is, so there is no need to have it ‘reduced to fit’).
  • If there is more than two children in the family, you will need to print two copies of each sheet.
  • Before you laminate them, neatly write each child’s name on the dotted line next to a row on the first page.
  • Laminate the pages separately.
  • Once laminated, cut along the light grey lines on the second page.
  • Stick the first page up somewhere where your child can see it.
  • Choose the pictures from the second page that you need for your chart and stick some sticky putty on the back of them and then place them on the appropriate days on the chart.
  • The red arrow on the second page can be used as a pointer to keep track of which day it is.
  • When the pictures are not in use you can store them next to the chart.

Weekly Schedule, free, printable, children, activities, days, visual cue, chart

We hope our Weekly Schedule helps you and your children keep track of the activities in the week, and make life that little bit easier for you.  Let us know how it goes!

We also have a Back to School Uniform and Activity Chart as a free printable too, which we use everyday to keep track of school activities and which uniform to wear on what day!

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