BBTG – Batty Backronyms Travel Game

Recently, JJ went for a 20-30 minute drive in the car with some friends, who have more children in their family than we do!  We think they might like simple, creative, cheap fun as much as us, because they introduced JJ to a fun travel game!

Batty Backronyms Travel Game - kids, car, number plate, word game, children

Introducing their, what we have called, ‘Batty Backronyms Travel Game’.  ‘Batty’, means a bit crazy, but what is a ‘backronym’?

You may have heard of an acronym which is the first letter of each word (an initial) in a group of words – so for ‘Batty Backronyms Travel Game’ the acronym would be ‘BBTG’.

Well, a backronym is when you start with the initials and come up with words to fit those initials.  For instance, ‘GDSD’ could be ‘Good Dogs Sit Down’, or ‘Great Days Stay Dreamy’ or something else that you might come up with.

Here’s how to play!

Aim of the Game:

To come up with some interesting and funny backronyms or phrases (groups of words) to go with letters found on number plates.

What You Need:

  • A vehicle to travel in
  • Be able to recognise letters and know the first letters of words

Rules of Play:

  1. Find a number plate on a vehicle that has at least three letters.
  2. Backronyms – using the letters (in order) on the number plate, think of a word that starts with each letter, so that you come up with a silly phrase (group of words).  For example, one of the number plates we found was ‘KNJ’, which JJ turned into ‘Kangaroos Never Jump’, but you may have come up with ‘Knitting Nice Jumpers’!
  3. Once you are happy with your phrase and had a laugh, start again with a new set of letters from another number plate.
  4. This game can be played by yourself (in your head so that you don’t disturb anyone else), or with two or more people.
  5. No rude phrases allowed.
  6. As a variation (another way to play) you could work as a team on the same group of letters and see how many different phrases, or the funniest phrase you can come up with.
  7. Always remember not to be too loud, as this can distract the driver.

Try this fun travel game for yourself and enjoy!  See our other travel games on our Free Stuff page… we will add some more over time.

If you are not out and about but want some free fun with a batty backronym now, head over to our Facebook page – we have one there ready for you!

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