Coeliac Disease

Coeliac disease, gluten free, symptoms, imagine make believe, childrenIt may seem a little odd that we are writing about coeliac disease here, at Imagine. Make. Believe.  It may not seem so strange though, when you learn that two of the four children that contribute here have coeliac disease.

Why write about it here though?  Because we want to share with you a little of our journey with the disease, and what it means for us, how we have dealt with it, and our best tips, in the hope of helping others, especially parents of children with the disease.

So what is coeliac disease? What are the symptoms?  We have two pages of information, one about coeliac disease and our journey with it, and the other is where we share our best tips in dealing with two children who have to eat gluten free.  They can be found on our Recipes page.

Happy reading!

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