New Gluten Free Recipes!

How has your week started off? Have you been having fun on the weekends?  We have been sharing a little on our Facebook page about what cheap fun we have been getting up to, and we would love to hear from you too!  We had kids in the kitchen on the weekend, did you?

Speaking of kitchens, do you get creative in the kitchen?  Janelle loves to create with all sorts of materials, and sometimes that process happens in the kitchen, with food of course!  Every now and then she comes up with a great recipe idea, and one of her favourite main meals that she created is the Gluten Free Bacon and Asparagus Stir Fry.  It is quick, easy and tasty, and if you don’t like asparagus, swap it for broccoli!  By omitting the parmesan cheese it will be dairy free too!

Gluten free, bacon, asparagus, recipe, potato, capsicum, mushroom

Gluten Free Bacon and Asparagus Stir Fry

One of the kids’ favourite meals at home is our Gluten Free Buffet.  It is great for a gathering of friends or a large family and if you don’t need to cater for gluten free or other dietary requirements, then the sky is the limit… almost! You can add anything you like to this delicious selection of food and you can cater to individual tastes or needs.

Gluten free, buffet, smorgasbord, smorgasboard, food, recipe

Gluten Free Buffet

So head over to our Recipes page to find more delicious gluten free recipes and meal ideas, and find us on Facebook and let us know what creative things you’ve been up to!

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