Colouring Competition Winners – Issue 1

We are pleased to announce the Colouring Competition winners!

Colouring competition

Lachlan – Winner of the 3-6 year age group

Colouring competition,

Holly – Winner of the 7-9 year age group

Colouring competition,

Mara-Jade – Winner of the 10-12 year age group

Congratulations to all of you!

Depending on the age category, prizes include:

If you missed out on being a winner this time, make sure you keep in touch with us to find out when our next competition is.  You can sign up for our weekly newsletter  to make it easy!

We do have competitions running currently for subscribers to our magazine! One of them is a fun ‘Hide and Seek’ game that we have in every issue… find all the special crowns hidden in our first issue and email us the number of how many you find and if you are correct we will email you a little collectible something (it’s a surprise, but we have it ready and waiting)!  It’s a bit of extra fun and value in our already value packed 70 page kid’s activity magazine!

Have a great week full of creative fun!


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